Monday, October 13, 2008

My first post

So this is it: my first post.

I am a food enthusiast and like many other enthusiasts, spend a good deal of time consuming media bites on what to eat and how to do it (Food Network, Bon Appetit and other food blogs such as 101cookbooks and chocolateandzucchini, both of which I highly recommend). Everywhere I look I’m pushed or pulled in one direction or another. Eating isn't simple anymore. But one thing has become clear to me through the barrage of sensory stimuli: we all need to calm down a little! Why does everything need to be so complicated? Why do I have to feel guilty every time I put my fork in my mouth?

In my opinion, there are three major ingredients to eating well: a basic understanding of food preparation, distinguishing good natural and unprocessed ingredients from bad ones, and understanding the effect your emotional wellbeing can have on your eating habits. I believe that we can create durable healthy eating habits only through the application of this three thronged approach.

When approaching this subject, we should distinguish good emotions from bad ones. Eating is not a platonic experience; it can and should get emotional at times! We can and should feel joy and passion when we eat. I want to reach down to reconnect with my most basic natural instincts and appreciate food the way we were meant to.

I can (and do to a large degree) spend most of my days in the kitchen and even when not physically present, I have kitchen on my mind. I collect recipes, shop for food and utensils and cook. Luckily, I am blessed with a hungry family to gobble up my creations.

That’s all I have time for. Be back soon. Cheers, FLORENCE

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